Our production — VNFMP — Volgograd Non-Ferrous Metal Plant

We produce and sell rolled non-ferrous metal items

Volgograd Non-Ferrous Metal Plant is a manufacturer of rolled brass and bronze items. At production we use only reliable raw materials purchased from scrap suppliers and metal manufacturers.
All the rolled non-ferrous metal items go through the mandatory testing at quality control department proving that chemical composition corresponds to the one set in National State Standards and that are no third residual elements.
Our products are used in metallurgical, machine building, oil and gas and other industries.

Production structure includes:

  • Foundry shop
  • Machine building
  • Quality department
  • Logistics department
  • Finished products warehouse

Facts about us:

  • Production history dates back more than15 years;
  • Production facilities more than 3.5 ton per year;
  • We produce goods of any bronze and brass alloys under customer’s technical requirements;
  • Principal items of our production are always at stock;



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