CuZn39Pb2 Brass Bushing

CuZn39Pb2 brass bushing production

VNFMP specializes in production and sale of rolled non-ferrous metal. Product line includes CuZn39Pb2 brass bushings. At rolled items production we use exclusively high-quality raw materials purchased from approved vendors.

We have a quality control system at the plant, therefore CuZn39Pb2 brass bushings are made in accordance with ГОСТ 2060-2006 regulations and ISO 9001:2008 standards, that guarantees their high quality.

The goods made of this grade brass are widely required due to their performance characteristics:

  • corrosion and wear resistance;
  • slip mechanical effects resistance;
  • high strength and moldability.

VZCOM offers wholesale CuZn39Pb2 brass bushings of the following characteristics:

  • inner diameter from 30 mm to 660 mm;
  • outer diameter from 50 mm to 760 mm;
  • length from 20 mm to 660 mm.

The manufacturing plant completes and ships any volume order in extremely short period (provided the goods are at stock at the application day, if not – up to 7 days) with possibility to ship around Moscow and throughout the whole Russian territory.

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