LSd Brass Ingot

LSd brass ingots

VZCOM LSd brass ingots are the optimal raw materials for every industry. The bars weighted up to 42 kg correspond to ГОСТ 1020-97 and ISO 9001:2008, are easy at transportation and compact at storage. Due to physico-chemical properties LSd brass ingots are used for production of high-strength parts resistant to moisture and temperature changes.

You may purchase LSd brass ingots wholesale at VZCOM, large manufacturer of rolled brass and bronze products. The plant can also produce the required lot of rolled metal items under order.

Advantages of cooperation with VZCOM:

  • LSd brass ingot production under client’s requirements;
  • period of delivery around the country is 1 – 2 days;
  • LSd brass ingots production in any quantity in short period;

This grade casting brass is used at production of hard components, bearings, plumbing fixtures and other parts. Small bars allow compact storage and easy transportation of raw materials.

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