Cu56-61Zn43 Brass Ingot

Cu56-61Zn43 brass ingots

VNFMP, JSC focuses on production of Cu56-61Zn43 brass ingot. Brass ingot is a semi-finished product produced in accordance with ГОСТ 1020 – 97 requirements and ISO 9001:2008 regulations.

Cu56-61Zn43 brass ingots consist of cooper (more than 50%), zinc (about 40%), lead (to 3%) and other residual elements (to 1%). Such composition of the elements improves alloy physical and mechanical characteristics. The most essential advantages of Cu56-61Zn43 brass ingots include:

  • fine antifriction characteristics;
  • machine processing compliance;
  • anticorrosion characteristics;
  • water and salt-containing environment resistance.

Cu56-61Zn43 brass ingots are excellent operational raw materials for production of parts aimed to shipbuilding and other machine-producing industries. This alloy is also required for production of furniture, bushings and bearings.

You may purchase Cu56-61Zn43 brass ingot at VZCOM, JSC official web-site or at manufacturing plant stock on the spot. The company also proposes goods delivery to any place in Russia in shortest terms - up to 1 – 2 days around the region and Moscow, or 3 – 5 days around more outlying regions.

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