LKS Brass Ingot

LKS brass ingots

VZCOM, JSC is a manufacturer of LKS brass ingot. Brass bar is an intermediate link in rolled metals production. The goods are produced in accordance with ГОСТ 1020 – 97 standards and carry ISO 9001:2008 certificates.

LKS-grade brass is a multialloy. The bar is made of cooper (75-80%), lead (2-4%), silicium (2-5%) and other residual elements. Lead and silicium impregnations effect brass physical characteristics principally:

  • lead improves cutting works;
  • silicium increases corrosion resistance and improves solder characteristics at welding.

LKS brass ingots are mostly used for production of parts with antifriction characteristics. Since this grade brass is notable for extra strength compared to other alloys.

You may purchase LKS brass ingot at VZCOM, JSC official web-site, calling to the mentioned phone numbers or leaving an online application. The manufacturer also proposes order delivery services: about 1 – 2 days around Moscow and Moscow region, or within 3 – 5 days to other RF regions.

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