C94300 Bronze Bushing

C94300 rolled bronze bushing

Volgograd non-ferrous metal plant specializes in production of C94300 grade bronze bushings. The cylindrical articles are produced in accordance with Russian State Standarts and ISO 9001:2008 provisions.

C94300 bushings have a list of peculiarities due to content of certain percent of tin, zinc and lead. Such chemical content alloys have the following peculiarities:

  • increased corrosion resistance;
  • machine processing compliance;
  • law sensitivity to water and gas environment;
  • increased wear-resistance.

VNFMP plant produces C94300 bronze bushings of different sizes under order. Raw materials availability on stock allows to produce items with the following cross-section diameter in the shortest time:

  • outer diameter from 50 mm to 500 mm;
  • inner diameter from 30 mm to 480 mm.

You may purchase C94300 bronze bushing at VNFMP manufacturing plant official web-site.

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