CuSn10P Bronze Bushing

CuSn10P bronze bushings production

VNFMP plant is a manufacturer of CuSn10P bronze bushings. Non-ferrous metal articles correspond to the all the ГОСТ 613-79 and ГОСТ 614-97 requirements.

CuSn10P bronze grade peculiarity is presence of additional agents – tin and phosphorus. Due to this fact the articles made of this bronze grade show:

  • law thermal conductivity;
  • law rupture strength;
  • antifriction characteristics.

The bronze bushings are used in different mechanisms, aggregates and other equipment in order to prevent the parts elements wear. The high-quality cylindrical articles may increase any technique service life.

CuSn10P bronze bushings are produced by VNFMP plant in accordance with the customer’s individual parameters. There are articles with outer diameter from 50 mm to 500 mm at stock as well.

You may either purchase CuSn10P bronze bushing at non-ferrous metal plant on the spot or order goods delivery to your territory. The delivery will not take more than 1 – 2 days in Central Federal District and Moscow or 2 – 4 days to any other place of the country.

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