Купить бронзовые втулки со склада по лучшей цене. Втулки бронзовые БрАЖ 9-4.

Bronze bushing

VNFMP bronze bushing is a detail used for production of equipment of augmented structural performance and reliability, having long service life. You may purchase bronze bushing at wholesale from stock or by order.

We will produce goods by rotational casting under the customer’s requirements. It is provided to make goods of the following alloys::

  • aluminum;
  • ferriferous and tin-containing;
  • zinc-supplemented;
  • phosphorus-supplemented.

Bushings made of bronze with addition of tin exhibit highest speed and environmental resistance. Phosphorus addition allows for considerable increase of the articles’ resistance to dead load.

Under the client’s request roughing and finish machining may be done. Bronze bushings are casted in accordance with National State Standards, the articles correspond to ISO 9001:2008 as well. The article length is chosen individually, casting of articles with diameter up to 760 mm is provided for.