CuPb3Zn12Sn5 Bronze Rod

CuPb3Zn12Sn5 bronze rod

You may purchase a wide choice of CuPb3Zn12Sn5 bronze rod wholesale at VNFMP, large manufacturer of raw materials and non-ferrous metal and alloys products. You may purchase CuPb3Zn12Sn5 bronze rod from the stock or under order, by any volume lots. Articles cost per 1 kg depends upon order volume and urgency.

CuPb3Zn12Sn5 bronze rod manufacturer guarantees the following goods advantages:

  • easy processing;
  • moldability;
  • increased abrasion and corrosion resistance;
  • ductility.

At production by casting CuPb3Zn12Sn5 bronze rod shrinks most marginally. The goods are produced in accordance with Russian State Standarts and correspond to ISO 9001:2008 requirements. The goods are available with length 500 mm or 1000 mm and diameters 40 mm – 400 mm with step of 5 mm.

CuPb3Zn12Sn5 bronze rod is available at VNFMP catalogue along with wide choice of other non-ferrous metal articles. We sell goods at factory prices.

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