CuSn5Zn6Pb17 Bronze Ingot

CuSn5Zn6Pb17 bronze ingots production

VNFMP, non-ferrous metal plant, is a manufacturer of CuSn5Zn6Pb17 bronze ingot. These ingots are used as a semi-finished product in different industries. The final product carries quality certificates and corresponds to ГОСТ 614-97 requirements.

Peculiarity of CuSn5Zn6Pb17 bronze ingot is content of moderately large lead percent – 17%, while content of tin and zinc is 4% per each. Such alloy composition substantively influences physical and mechanical peculiarities of the goods:

  • due to lead content the finished goods made of such ingot do not interact with hydrochloric and sulphuric acids;
  • tin promotes alloy hardening as well as wear resistance and service life increase;
  • zinc increases anti-corrosion characteristics;

You may purchase CuSn5Zn6Pb17 bronze ingot at VNFMP official web-site or at plant stock on the spot. The manufacturer also proposes goods delivery to any place in Russia in short terms.

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