CuSn5Zn6Pb5 Bronze Ingot

CuSn5Zn6Pb5 bronze ingot production

VNFMP, JSC focuses on production of CuSn5Zn6Pb5 bronze ingot. Semi-finished products made of tin-containing bronze are produced in accordance with ГОСТ 24301-93, 613–79, 614–97 and ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

CuSn5Zn6Pb5 bronze ingots have a list of peculiarities. The alloy includes almost the equal volumes of tin, zinc and lead (5 %, 6 % and 5 % respectively), all the rest is bronze.

Each metal content promotes goods quality improvement.

  • tin provides for hardness and strength;
  • lead improves machine processing;
  • zinc increases corrosion resistance.

CuSn5Zn6Pb5 bronze ingot is used for production of tubes, bushings and furniture. Due to the alloy beautiful color and fine flow at casting, tin-containing bronze semi-finished products are widely used for decoration goods production.

You may purchase CuSn5Zn6Pb5 bronze ingot or order delivery at manufacturing plant on the spot or at VNFMP official web-site. The delivery will take 1 – 2 days in Central and Southern Federal District and Moscow or 3 – 5 days through the territory of Russia.

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