CuSn10P Bronze Ingot

CuSn10P bronze ingots production

VNFMP, JSC focuses on production of bronze semi-finished products, videlicet goods made of CuSn10P bronze ingots. Raw materials are produced for the further processing in accordance with ГОСТ 613-79 and ГОСТ 614-97 requirements, as well as ISO 9001:2008 regulations.

CuSn10P bronze ingots have a list of peculiarities in compliance with other bronze alloys. Such peculiarities are a result of tin and phosphorus content. It is these elements impregnation that improves physical and mechanical characteristics of non-ferrous metal.

  • decrease thermal conductivity;
  • provide certain rupture strength;
  • increase hardness and strength.

Bronze ingot is a perfect material for the further processing: casting, hammering, rolling and others. CuSn10P bronze bars are widely used for production of anti-friction livers withstanding different stresses.

You may purchase produced by VNFMP CuSn10P bronze ingot at the company official web-site. You may also order goods delivery around Russia at the shortest terms not exceeding 4 – 5 days.

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