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Bronze ingot production

VNFMP, non-ferrous metal plant produces high-quality bronze ingots. The bronze ingots characteristics correspond to ГОСТ 493-79, 614-97, 613–79, 24301-93 and ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

Bronze ingots are widely used at different branches of industry as semi-finished products. Bronze blanks have a list of excellent characters:

  • high elasticity;
  • strength and corrosion resistance;
  • antifriction properties.

VNFMP, JSC produces bronze ingots by casting method in form of bars and uses the following alloys grades:

  • CuAl8Fe3;
  • CuAI10Fe3;
  • CuSn10P;
  • CuSn5Zn5Pb5-C;
  • CuSn5Zn6Pb5;
  • CuSn5Zn6Pb17.

You may purchase bronze ingot at VNFMP web-site or at manufacturing plant in Volgograd on the spot. The orders are made individually in any volume. You may also order delivery to any place in Russia within the shortest period – about 3 – 5 days at the average.