Бронзовый прокат купить от производителя - прокат бронзы со склада завода

Rolled bronze items: production and sale with 1-day delivery from warehouse

Rolled bronze items

VNFMP, JSC produces rolled items of different bronze alloys. Bronze items may be produced of standard size as well as in accordance with the customer’s individual requirements.

You can order the following items: rods and bushings of different cross-section as well as ingots. All the items production corresponds the national standards and regulations, the goods carry quality certificates.

Bronze rolled items are produced of the following alloys grades

  • CuAl8Fe3;
  • CuAI10Fe3;
  • CuAl10Fe3Mn2;
  • C63200;
  • CuAI10Ni5Fe4;
  • CuSn10P;
  • CuSn5Zn5Pb5-C;
  • CuSn5Zn6Pb17;
  • CuSn5Zn6Pb5.

You may purchase rolled bronze items on the spot at the plant in Volgograd or order delivery to your place. All the finished and semi-finished items are produced after order volume and payment coordination. Goods are delivered to any address in the shortest time. The goods cost is individually agreed on with every customer, notwithstanding the purchase volume


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