Производство бронзы и латуни - купить цветной металлопрокат в компании "ВЗЦМ"

Bronze and brass production

Rolled non-ferrous metal items

VNFMP, JSC focuses on production of rolled non-ferrous items of bronze and brass. All the items made in result of raw materials processing or conversion correspond to the requirements of National State Standards and to ISO 9001:2008 regulations. Brass and bronze rolled items are made of different alloys grades, such as CuAl8Fe3, CuAI10Fe3, CuSn10P, CuSn5Zn5Pb5-C etc. VNFMP takes orders for rolled brass and bronze items (rods, bushings, ingots). Therewith we specialize in production of nonstandard size items. The advantages of cooperation with VNFMP are the following:

  • availability of goods and raw materials, that allows to complete an order anytime;
  • short lead-time and fast orders completement;
  • fast delivery to any place in Russia, delivery period around Moscow does not exceed 1 – 2 days;
  • compliance with all the production national standards.

VNFMP, JSC produces premium quality rolled bronze and brass items wholesale at affordable prices. Our company cooperates with primary metal establishments and machine-building enterprises as well as with chemical, oil and gas plants. All the orders for rolled metal items are managed on individual basis in regard of size and alloy grade.

Toll processing

Performance of agreements for raw material conversion and processing. This kind of cooperation enables customer having no own production facilities to get the required finished products and has a number of advantages over finished products direct purchase.


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