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About us — VNFMP — Volgograd Non-Ferrous Metal Plant

We produce and sell rolled non-ferrous metal items

Volgograd Non-Ferrous Metal Plant, Joint-Stock Company (VNFMP) produces and sells rolled brass and bronze items. Our activity vector is oriented towards production of the most required three kinds of rolled non-ferrous items: rods, bushings and ingots. Our experience in this direction dates back for more than 15 years.
VNFMP production strictly corresponds to National State Standards and goes through all quality control tests. We have also implemented quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 at our plant.
Our team includes experienced engineers and founders. This fact allows us to produce bronze and brass castings of rear alloys under any customer’s technical requirements.


Do you have a discount system?
Yes, we propose discounts for all our production to our permanent and major customers.
Do you offer payment postponement?
We offer our reliable customers payment postponement. More detailed information may be obtained from our managers.
What regions do you do business with?
We deliver our goods to all the regions of Russia and near abroad. Therewith we are able to deliver goods to other countries. We realize 1-day delivery to the central and south regions of the Russian Federation.
Do you have finished products at stock?
Yes, all the required rolled brass and bronze items are always at stock. You will not have to wait them to be made.
How long should I wait if the required items are not at stock?
Average lead-time does not exceed 5 – 7 days. Large orders require up to 10 days to be executed.
I already have my own raw materials, can you process them?
Yes, we render toll processing services. You deliver us your raw materials, otherwise we can arrange delivery to our warehouse ourselves. After that we coordinate order conditions and time-frames. You will get the products in accordance to your technical requirements.
Are your products certified?
Yes, all our rolled non-ferrous metal products are fully certified. Each lot is corresponded by the full set of the required documents.


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